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Tips for writing a cover letter

A cover letter is a foreign practice; without it, you will not be accepted even by a mid-level company. Learn how to write and format a cover letter to impress an employer.

Do not duplicate your resume

A resume is a summary in the form of a list of work experience, education, advanced training, a list of skills. A cover letter is an address to the HR manager offering your candidacy and explaining the key points why you should be looked at. After the letter, the manager will read your resume if he likes you.

Don't deviate from the structure

The structure is an order, a proper presentation of thoughts, don't allow a "stream of consciousness", leave it for fiction texts. Otherwise you will confuse the HR-manager and leave a negative impression of yourself.

Choose the right tone of the letter

You need to carefully study what kind of company it is, who works there. If it is an IT studio, you can be "your guy". But if it is a corporation, where everything is strict and serious, stick to the official business style.

Of course, a cover letter for a designer will still be different from an accountant's letter. The designer can be freer in communication with the HR manager, after all, he is applying for a creative job. The letter, resume and portfolio of the designer should be designed in the same style.

Briefly tell the story of your career

Share the success of some cool promotional campaign you managed. Tell about successful training of new employees, the introduction of the CRM system, without which the company was in chaos, interesting proposals, etc. Describe your achievements within your chosen position: you should not tell that you are both a designer and an excellent project manager. And you don't need to write an essay, brevity is important, 4-5 sentences in the main body of the letter is enough.

Some more tips on writing a cover letter

A cover letter can both help you and hurt you. If you want to get a positive response, then stick to the following tips:

  • Don't put yourself in the "looking for a job" position in front of the employer. Offer your services. Show your value as a professional. Tell how your professional skills will help solve the company's challenges.
  • Write a cover letter for the specific company and position. The employer needs to understand that this is who you want to work with.
  • Don't write too much. A cover letter is a supplement to your resume, not a rehash of it. It's better to talk about your accomplishments from your previous job.
  • Avoid templates. Even if you find a good letter online, don't use it for yourself. You can use such a resume cover letter as a sample of a good structure. But you should not copy it completely.

Cover letter writing service will help you if writing is difficult for you.


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