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V-Art: celebrating digital art


The art market and digitalization are now closer than ever. V-Art is an online platform that helps display, collect, and sell digital art. It's a real boost in the industry.

V-Art products

First of all, V-Art offers an NFT artwork marketplace. IP rights are protected. Why is an NFT gallery useful for those who like digital painting? It is great for many parties interested in digital art:

  • Digital drawing collectors and lovers get a one-of-a-kind digital art experience.

  • For galleries and artists, it is a great way to sell digital art (or exhibit it).

  • Museums and institutions get help in switching to digital. 

  • Corporates can enjoy AR/VR and can buy digital art of excellent quality (or get help if eager to sell it). 

For you to get a better understanding, let's take a look at the products the digital art marketplace offers.

V-Art app

V-Art application is an excellent chance to enjoy a virtual exhibition. Moreover, by using the AR function, one can turn surroundings into a gallery.

Exhibitions and projects

This product is actually a part of an NFT marketplace. It is useful both for museums and artists, providing them with an easy way to sell and show digital artworks.

AR/VR gallery

All those willing to collect digital art can do it with the help of the gallery. Buying any digital illustration is easy here, making it the best option for art lovers.

V-Art offers several subscription options for companies and individuals, which is pretty convenient. 

Advantages of the digital platform

So, with the help of V-Art, almost anyone can buy a digital art painting (or sell works of art). What are the other benefits?

  • Connecting with digital art is not a problem anymore. Moreover, there is no need to look for a physical space for exhibitions: creating a virtual gallery is indeed a better option. Digital art is popularized, opening new horizons for artists and art lovers.

  • A network of artists is formed; every artist can customize an account and sell his works easily.

  • The platform is fully legal. Authentication, provenance, and recording of transactions and sales history of digital art objects are provided using the Blockchain system. Everything takes place in compliance with IP standards. 

All in all, the platform is beneficial for all: artists get new fans, people get more involved and discover new names, and exhibiting artwork is incredibly easy and fast.

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